Extra Rersources for Friend Officiants

Wedding Ceremony Master Class for Friend Officiants

The Difference Between a Marriage License and a Social Marriage Contract

In a past post, we walked through the steps you need to take as a friend officiant in order to ensure you’re able to officiate a wedding ceremony for your couple. Today, we’re going to talk through the most important step your friends must take in order to legally be able to wed. They need to...


How to Legally Prepare for a Wedding Ceremony as a Friend Officiant

How to Legally Prepare for a Wedding Ceremony as a Friend Officiant When your friends decide to enter into a marriage, they are making a heartfelt and life changing decision. And, paired right alongside that is a legal decision. As a result, there are steps they need to take in order to ensure...


Five Reasons Why the Wedding Ceremony Script Process Matters

Being asked to officiate the wedding ceremony for a friend or family member is monumental. It’s an honor, especially because at its core being asked to officiate a wedding means your friend or family member trusts you implicitly as you help to craft the moment with the most meaning. After all,...


How to Officiate a Wedding During Covid-19

We’re all searching for any and every reason to celebrate, so I thought I would share my own exciting news: The Wedding Ceremony Masterclass has a BONUS CLASS, and it’s LIVE! Last year, I performed close to 100 wedding ceremonies for couples who knew they wanted to officially become married...


Asking A Friend Or Family Member To Officiate? All The Reasons You Shouldn’t And The One Reason You Should

Will you marry us? One doesn’t need to search hard for real wedding examples of how asking a friend to officiate a wedding ceremony can go wrong. There have been numerous articles written and horror-stories shared in wedding boards about having a Friend or Family Member officiate, and still more...


Why Everybody Wants a Friend to Officiate?

As a professional officiant and Life-Cycle Celebrant, a couple years ago I started getting asked by wedding planners, venues and other day-of wedding vendors if I could create a coaching/ghost-writing package to help all of their brides and grooms who had asked a friend to officiate their wedding...