We’re all searching for any and every reason to celebrate, so I thought I would share my own exciting news: The Wedding Ceremony Masterclass has a BONUS CLASS, and it’s LIVE!

Last year, I performed close to 100 wedding ceremonies for couples who knew they wanted to officially become married during the pandemic. I was thrilled to perform each one! As I officiated, I realized wedding ceremonies have become even more important.

Many couples have chosen to place their big reception plans on hold, so the ceremony is often the highlight event happening on the couple’s wedding date. Not only that, but couples are also choosing to work through Covid-19 guidelines to allow a few immediate family members and close friends to join them, and they’re also opting to live stream their vow exchange. It’s more important than ever for the friend or family member officiant to be prepared.

In this new bonus class for The Wedding Ceremony Masterclass, we’re going to explore the following together:

  • Masks: If your couple does not want to wear masks, I’m sharing what to do and how everyone can stay safe.
  • Social Distancing: This practice is key during our everyday lives, and it’s easy to put into practice on a wedding day! I’m sharing where you should stand during the ceremony.
  • Details: From microphones to the marriage license, learn how I handle audio and signatures, safely.
  • Covid-19 Remarks: How Covid-19 is being kept in mind is paramount to all of the guests attending, so I’m sharing how and what to weave into your opening remarks.
In eight short minutes, you’ll have the lowdown on how to perform a ceremony during a pandemic, and I promise you will feel completely prepared when you pair these tips together with the rest of The Wedding Ceremony Masterclass. Let’s dive in--together!