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Student Endorsements

“I wish I had this class right now.”

— Elyse Moody, Martha Stewart Weddings.


“We love this idea especially now, considering the fact that no one knows for sure when large gatherings will be safe again. Calling on a friend or family member is a great way to keep your party small but meaningful.”

— Green Wedding Shoes


"Wedding Ceremony Master Class fills a need that has not been addressed before! Perfect for couples who are having friends officiate as there has not yet been a place to go to for professional guidance, legal guidance and ceremony delivery. As a wedding DJ, I have had many a pep-talk with a family/friend-officiant before a ceremony, to help them feel like they got their bases covered, and that they are saying the right things in the right order, and this should not be happening on the day of, right? Also an officiant myself, I highly recommend this course for your friend officiant, especially if they are new to this. This course is beautifully and thoughtfully written, designed in perfect bite-sized lessons, and is all delivered by Alisa Tongg, who really cares about your big day, no matter who you choose to officiate it. Very reasonably priced too, for something you can’t afford to just go and 'wing it.'"

— Rev & DJ Cherish the LUV


“SO MANY people need this, so their friends and family aren’t looking crazy!”

— REV. ROXY Birchfield


“The Wedding Ceremony Master Class is a class I wholeheartedly recommend if you’re asking a friend or family member to officiate your wedding. Let the hallelujah chorus sing!”

— Danielle Pasternak, Put a Ring on it Podcast


“Thank you again for your Master Class. I finished it last week and it was extremely helpful.”

— Angelo P.